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Purpose of Home

Home will emphasize the specific Champion members who help you grow and your relationships. Champions members are front-and-center in the Home, providing easy access to those who support you, their Featured Content, and assignments.



To-Do Lists

Champions can assign To-Do items to you. These show up in your To-Do Lists—which moved on mobile! Now, just like on web, you can find your To-Do Lists in the upper right corner of the screen.


Champion Slider

You can find the Champion Slider at the top of Home on the mobile app, or on the left-hand side of Home on web. You can swipe or scroll through the slider to see the Champions you're connected to.


My Champions

As soon as you land on Home, you can find the Champion members who have a relationship with you, along with their Messages, To-Dos, and Growth Actions related to that relationship! On web, My Champions can be found at the top of Home. On mobile, My Champions live underneath the Champion Slider.




To-Do Cards

To-Do Cards give an interactive and clear view of the recommendations sent to you. These cards will help you see what actions to take in order to stay on track for each relationship you have!


Growth Action Detail View

You can interact with Growth Action items in a new, beautiful layout. You are able to:

  • View the action's status
  • Open the assigned content
  • Track progress on a timeline
  • Send a message


Featured Content and Feed

On web, you'll see Featured Content in the right-hand column of Home, and the Champion's four most recent Feed posts underneath the Growth Action console. On mobile, Featured Content is found underneath the Growth Action Console, and the Champion's Feed and curated content are below their Featured Content.


As a Champion, you can add up to twelve pieces of Featured Content to be shown on Home. This is the first content your users find after they sign in. You can feature:

  • Programs
    Is there a Program that is frequently referenced? Feature it and save time navigating to it!
  • Collections
    Feature an important Collection to bring it to the front–and–center of a user's growth experience.
  • External Links
    Featuring and customizing external links on Home allows for you to promote event sign up forms, great external content like TED Talks, or additional group resources.


Note: If you choose not to configure Featured Content, your Champion Feed posts and curated content will show up under the To-Do Cards.


Content Swimlanes (mobile only)

In addition to the Champion's Feed, some Content swimlanes found in Library can also be found on Home! These swimlanes are conveniently sorted by Champion, and surface in between your Champions' recent Feed posts:

  • In Progress
    This swimlane will show the content you’ve already started, but have yet to complete. Now you don't have to leave Home to continue making progress!
  • Discover
    This swimlane hosts additional content from the Champion. Seen it all before? Keep scrolling through ‘till you find something new!


Can I customize the order of the Champion Slider?

For web, the order which Champions appear in Home is based on the date you connected to them. Look forward to seeing customizable Champion ordering in the near future!


On mobile, you can customize the order which Champions appear on the slider:

  1. Navigate to Home, found in the bottom navigation bar
  2. Click the Gear icon, found in the top right screen corner
  3. Find a Champion to rearrange
  4. Drag and drop the  (found on the right side of the Champion's name) to rearrange their order
  5. Your changes will be autosaved. Once you finish rearranging your Champions, tap the < button to see their new place on the Champion Slider!


Where do I find what was on my old Home?

The old Home is now called Library, designed to make it easier to access Programs, Collections, and more! On the mobile app, the Library icon can be found by tapping the Profile icon in the bottom navigation bar. On web, Library is found in the top navigation bar.


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