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Champion Messages

Note: this is a Champion feature. If you are not a member of a Champion, this will not be a feature available to you. Find out more about non-Champion features here!


Purpose of Champion Messages

  • Ensure the Champion is easily identifiable
    A Champion  Message owner is identified as a Champion representative. A badge with the Champion icon is displayed on the Message owner's profile image in the Member List.
  • Better-define the mode of Champion
    Perspective Switching has a deeper meaning. From "Grow" mode (user perspective), you'll access the Messages relevant to your growth. From "Champion" mode (Champion perspective), you'll post in Messages to the people you're coaching or mentoring.


What is the current state of Messages?

Currently, there are two types of Messages: Spaces and Direct Messages. Any user can create a Space or Direct Message and they will own any Messages they create.

When a Champion member creates an Advanced Invitation, they can configure it to add invitees to a specified Space and set themselves or any other Champion member as the owner of that Space.


What changes are coming to Messages?

We are expanding who can own Messages! Now, in addition to user-owned Messages, Champions will be able to own Messages and make posts through the Champion perspective. Champions can create and send Messages through Console and Advanced Invitations.


Can I transfer a user-owned Space to a Champion-owned Space?

As of October 13, user-owned Spaces can no longer be requested to be transferred to a Champion-owned Space. Now Champions will need to recreate and invite users to Champion Messages; the transfer from user-owned to Champion-owned Spaces is not be available.


How does this change impact Advanced Invitations?

Moving forward, Advanced Invitations will only support the creation of Champion-owned Messages.



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