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Library is where you can find the current ProgramsPages, and Collections that you're working through, as well as queued and recently completed content.


Where can I find Library?

On the mobile app, the Library icon can be found by tapping the Profile icon in the bottom navigation bar. On web, Library is found in the top navigation bar.


How is Library organized?

Your Library is divided up into different swimlanes. Each swimlane provides a selection of content based on your growth journey. These swimlanes are:

  • Keep Going
    Here, you'll find all of the content that you have not finished. This serves as an easy way to jump back in to content and continue making progress!
  • My Queue
    Finished everything in "Keep Going"? This swimlane surfaces content that your Champion(s) assigned to you, but have not started.
  • More From This Champion
    Tired of seeing the same content? This swimlane hosts additional content from your Champions. Keep scrolling through ‘till you find something new.
  • Recommended Champions (web only)
    Recommended Champions gives you an opportunity to access additional content from other Champions who are complementary to your Champion(s).
  • Recently Completed
    Did you finish a Program, and want to reference it again? Good news! Every piece of content you complete can be found here!


Tired of scrolling with arrows?
Click the See All button, found to the right of each swimlane title, to view all of it's content at once!

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