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Content Module Overview

Note: this is a Champion feature. If you are not a member of a Champion, this will not be a feature available to you. Find out more about non-Champion features here!


Text Formatting Modules

Organize your content's copy.

Display plain text and format with bold, italic, and underline.

Create hierarchy within your content through four distinct sizes.

Display bulleted or numbered items.

Call attention to quotations and attribute their author.

Add a divider line to break up sections in the content. 


Media Modules

Display videos, images, resources, and audio within your content.

Play a YouTube or Vimeo video within the content.

Group multiple YouTube or Vimeo videos within the same viewer.

Display an image selected from your media manager or uploaded from your computer.

Direct users to any website.

Link to documents hosted online (i.e. on Dropbox or Google Drive) for view/download.

Play sound clips or podcasts hosted on


Interactive Modules

Prompt participants to interact and practice within your content.

Prompt users to answer an open-ended question and save or share responses.

Display multiple choice questions and mark correct and incorrect answers.

Prompt users to upload an image and then save or share.

Propose actions for users to add to their To-Do list.

Prompt users to complete multiple fill-in-the-blank and open-ended questions and save or share responses.

Resurface questions answered in a previous form.

Prompt users to establish a notebook or journal Space.

Prompt users to join a Space that is already active.


Curation Modules

Guide participants to additional content.

Direct users to a previously-created Champion Page.

Direct users to a previously-created Program.

Suggest Collections and Programs for users to add to their Queue for easy access.

Prompt users to accept an advanced invitation to additional content, Connections, or Spaces.


Administrative Modules

Connect your users to groups or organizations.

Prompt users to select into a cohort for user management purposes.

Prompt users to connect to your Champion organization.


Assessment Modules

Ask assessments questions and surface results.

Surface previously-created assessment questions for users to complete.

Display previously-created assessment results.


Specialty Modules

Surface customized modules specific to your Champion.

Display scores on vocational assessment (requires key).

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