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Why are my Assessment Result modules not appearing?

The Assessment Sandbox feature is still being built, and is hidden behind a Feature Flag. Users can access the beta version of the Sandbox by requesting access to the Feature Flag here!


Why won't my results visualize?

Each Scale must cover the entirety of its Range. This means that there cannot be a gap between the End of one set of values and the Start of the next set, or else the graph won't visualize.


Incorrect Range Results:

For example, if a Scale Range is:

  • Low = 1-5
  • Mid= 6-10
  • High = 11-15

...then there's a gap between 5-6 & 10-11, so the chart cannot surface.


Incorrect Range Example



Correct Range Results:

Just change the Scale Range to:

  • Low = 1-5
  • Mid= 5-10
  • High = 10-15

...and you'll be good to go!


Correct Range Example



While there's an overlap in Start and End values, if a user scores 5, their score will surface in the Low range, rather than in the Mid range (think of the Mid range starting at 5.01)


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