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Assessment Sandbox Terms


Definition: A measurement tool 

Assessment types:

  • Nominal: A type of assessment, measuring categorical questions
    • Example: A Buzzfeed quiz asking, “Which character are you?”
  • Ordinal: A type of assessment, measuring comparative or directional questions
    • Example: "How satisfied are you with your neighborhood?"




Definition: A question

Item types:

  • Likert Scale: A type of item, measuring questions through a rating scale
    • Example: On a scale from 1-5, how hungry are you?
  • Multiple Choice: A type of item, providing multiple answers
    • Example: "What is your favorite type of pizza"



Definition: Multiple items combined to measure something

  • Example: Neighborhood Cleanliness
  • Example: Neighborhood Safety



Definition: Multiple scales combined to measure total score

  • Example: The overall satisfaction of where you live


Not all assessments have domains. Assessments can function with only scales or items.



Definition: The current authoring status of the Assessment

State Types:

  • In Progress: An Assessment that is undergoing edits
  • Completed: A finished Assessment that is not available for Program Authoring
  • Published: A finished Assessment that is available to be added to Programs


Assessments won’t show up in “Question” and “All Questions” modules until the Assessment's state is Published. Learn more about this here.



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