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Cohort Creation

Note: this is a Champion feature. If you are not a member of a Champion, this will not be a feature available to you. Find out more about non-Champion features here!


Purpose of Cohorts

Cohorts serve as an easy way to manage a group of people at once. Cohorts are designed to send content to multiple people, who are often in a small group external to the platform, such as a Leadership team, Bible study club, and more. 


Users have no indication that they are a member of any Cohort. It is strictly a management tool for Champions.


Access Cohorts 

  1. Log in to
  2. Switch to a Champion perspective by clicking on your profile image in the top right and clicking the Champion from the list
  3. Click Admin from the top navigation
  4. Click the Cohorts tab from the Champion Management navigation bar


Create a Cohort

  1. Follow the steps above to access Cohorts
  2. Click Create a Cohort
  3. Create a Cohort Name
  4. Write a description of the Cohort
  5. To add people to the Cohort, search for them by name
    • Only people with existing user accounts can be added to the Cohort
  6. To add content to the Cohort, search for the content title
  7. Click Create


Cohorts will also be created automatically when an Invitation is created. Anybody who accepts the Invitation will be added to the Cohort.

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