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Create Program branching logic for Legacy Assessments

  • Published Program pages cannot be added, deleted, or rearranged
  • To branch multiple pages, you need to check the "Skip on Pending Prerequisites" box for all the sub-pages, and configure the appropriate Assessment Metric prerequisite module on each page. (Steps 7-9.)


  1. Log in to
  2. Click the Profile image in the top right
    • Click a Champion name to switch perspectives
  3. From the top navigation, click Create
  4. Open one of the following:
    • Click the Create New button, then click Program 
    • Open an existing Program that is in "draft" status
    • Open an existing published Program whose page structure has already been set
  5. The Program pages should be arranged in the "Content Outline" section something like this:
  6. On the top-level page ("Page with Assessment Question" in the above image) add a Question module
    • Configure the module:
      • Click the Assessment dropdown and choose the Assessment you previously created
      • Click the Select button to add the Question
  7. On the sub-pages ("Page 1 Assessment Result" and "Page 2 Assessment Result" in the above image) in the "Page Configuration" section, check the Skip on Pending Prerequisites box
    • Do this for both sub-pages
  8. Click the Prerequisite toggle above the sections on the right (default selection is "Content")
  9. Add the Assessment Metric module:
    • Click Choose an assessment dropdown > select the Assessment
    • Click Metric dropdown > select the Metric that corresponds to the page
    • Click the = button > Enter value 1
    • Click the Done button
      • Repeat for as many branched pages as you have

Once everything is set up, click Preview Program to test the Program and its branching.

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