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Power of Platforms to Help People Grow Follow your guide to build a platform to help people grow. In the first chapter of your field guide, explore what we mean by platform, define a "Champion", and understand what that means for your desire to help someone grow.
The Rules of Platforms You've started down the path with concepts of platforms and Champions. Explore the platform ideas a little more, with 3 "rules" that govern platforms.
The Anatomy of Your Platform The Anatomy of Your Platform walks you through key features. What does a space look like and how would you use it? What are the different types of content? How does all of this relate to provide interaction?
Charting Your Course  No need to begin blindly. Know your participants with clarity, make plans to maximize each participant's talents and goals, and check progress regularly to stay on track towards a measurable goal.
Engaging Your Participants With the initial preparation completed, it's time to bring our participants into the experience. Get them started in a way that will ensure they are ready to come back for more!
Creating Great Content Champions provide the energy for our platform, and content serves as the Champion's tool to share wisdom. Learn basic principles for creating great content. View the web tutorials that will serve as your guide to begin!

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