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Rock RMS Giving

Note: this is a Champion feature. If you are not a member of a Champion, this will not be a feature available to you. Find out more about non-Champion features here!


Rock RMS Giving integration brings more awareness to your Organization's giving opportunities, and make it easier for people to give!




Introduction to Rock RMS Giving Integration

Gloo's integration with Rock RMS (Relationship Management System) creates a digital connection to your church's giving program, which will appear on your Champion's Home page. Through this integration, you can:

  • Add giving updates to your Champion's stream — Keep people up to date on current giving progress and encourage them to easily contribute.
  • Customize your giving program — Choose which fund will be promoted, the frequency and which day of the week you want to push a giving update into your stream. 


Learn more about other integrations here.


Configure the integration to your RockRMS account

Prerequisite: Rock RMS account

Before you can begin setting up this integration, you will need a Rock RMS account.


Step 1: Navigate to the Integrations page
  1. Sign in to
  2. Perspective switch to your Champion
  3. Click Admin, found in the top navigation bar
  4. Click Integrations, found in the Champion Management navigation bar 
  5. Hover over the RockRMS row
  6. Click the Configure/Gear button


Step 2: Add your RockRMS API URL
  1. Under General, give your fund a custom name
  2. Add your account URL in the configuration panel
  3. Add /api to the end of your account URL


Step 3: Add your API Key

Find your API key from your RockRMS Account Settings page. Refer to the video below for help creating your key and adding the right security permissions.



Step 4: Select a fund

Choose a fund from the Funds dropdown list.


Step 5: Select the update frequency

Choose how often you want an update card to be posted to your stream on Home: Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly, or Quarterly. 

  • Regardless of which frequency you choose, the post will always show the last four weeks of giving on the graph.


Step 6: Select a day of the week

Select which day of the week you want the update to post to your stream.

  • Updates will post at 6:00am EST on the day you choose.


Step 7: Input the Giving URL

Enter the URL where someone could go to donate to your organization.

  • Rock RMS supports several giving gateways. We recommend investigating which one your Organization uses, and find the user-facing URL that accepts donations. This might be a PushPay URL, or a Secure Give URL.


Step 8: Reset the fund

There are two options to reset the fund donations:

  1. (See Figure A) This resets the fund at the beginning of the calendar year. If it is early in the year, you will see the fund starting at $0 and the Giving card will graph as many dates as it can.
  2. (See Figure B) This allows for multi-year funds that do not reset at the beginning of the calendar year. 




Step 9: Save and Launch your integration settings
  1. After you have completed the above steps, click Save
  2. When you are ready to begin scheduling giving updates, click Enable




Frequently Asked Questions


When is the giving data updated?

Each time a card is generated and pushed into your stream, we fetch fresh giving data from Rock RMS. The current total shown on the Giving Update card will be calculated at the time the post is created.


If someone sees an old giving update in their stream on Home, will the total be accurate?

Older giving updates will have old totals that may not be up to date with the current total.


What if a fund is new and no giving data exists?

Cards will still be generated, but they may not look great. It is best to wait 4 weeks from the time that giving data exists to begin pulling in giving updates.


Need help or found an issue?

For questions or issues with the Rock RMS Giving integration, contact


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