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Product Update: Messages & Notifications

Purpose of the Update

After several rounds of feedback and testing, Gloo redesigned Messages to help you receive only the notifications you want, without unnecessary noise. But that’s not all—we improved the way you can communicate through Messages, added invitations for new Group Spaces, and built more intuitive unread message designs.


What improvements were made to Notifications?

New Unread Design

Unread Notifications will no longer show a red dot next to it. Instead, the background color of an unread Notification will be light blue. After it is read, the Notification background color will change to white.


Message Notification Control

Until now, you only had two choices for notifications—receive notifications for every Message or no notifications at all.

Notification Control provides more customization to what you actually want to know. You can select to:

  • Receive specific notifications for a Group Space
  • Only when you're @mentioned
  • Unfollow Group Spaces notifications altogether


Changing Notification Settings for each Message (Mobile only)

  1. Open the app
  2. From the bottom navigation, tap the Messages icon
  3. From the list, tap the Group Space or Direct Message you wish to change
  4. Tap the "i" icon in the upper right corner of the screen
  5. Tap Notifications
  6. Select the type of notifications you wish to receive
  7. Once your selection is made, navigate back to the Group Space or Direct Message to apply the new setting




What improvements were made to Messages?

Feature Name Change

To better distinguish itself from Direct Messages, Spaces are now called Group Spaces.


New Unread Design

It’s easier than ever to spot new Group Spaces and Direct Messages!

  • In the bottom navigation bar, the Messages icon will show a red badge, indicating you have new posts to read
    • For each Message that contains new activity, a +1 count is added to the Message icon badge
  • In the main Messages list, a red dot will appear next  to each Group Space and Direct Message that contains unread posts




New Join/Decline Space Functionality

You have more control over what you join! Now, you won't be added to new Group Spaces without your permission—you have the option to join or opt out of a Group Space. 

  • To opt-in to the Group Space, select Join on the Group Space Welcome Screen
    • You won’t receive notifications about the Group Space until you join
  • To opt-out of the Group Space, select Decline on the Group Space Welcome Screen
    • Declined invites immediately vanish from your Notification List




Unread Messages At-a-Glance

Get caught up in a jiffy with a few usability improvements:

  • Unread Message visibility
    • Unread messages are grouped underneath a red line, making it easy to locate and read your new messages whenever you check in.
  • Unread Message accessibility
    • If there are many unread messages, a blue bar will appear at the top of the screen. Tapping the blue bar will take you automatically to the beginning of your unread messages.
  • Mark as Unread functionality
    • Long-press any message to mark it as unread so you can easily come back to it later.




Champion Message Improvement Parity

New designs also apply to Champion Group Spaces! Frontline Champion Messages received the same improvements.

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