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Create Advanced Invitations

Note: this is a Champion feature. If you are not a member of a Champion, this will not be a feature available to you. Find out more about non-Champion features here!



Introduction to Advanced Invitations

Advanced Invitations help Champions create a more robust and customized experience for their users, starting from their very first interaction on the Gloo platform. Advanced Invitations can connect users with content, people, other Champions, Group Spaces, and To-Dos, all within a specifically designed “Invitation Link” or code.


Accessing Invitations

Web only

  1. Navigate to your Champion's Admin tab
  2. Under the Champion Management subtab, click Invitations


Create an Invitation

Configure an Invitation in 4 tabs

Under Basic Info...

  1. Set a Name for the Invitation
    • This is only seen by you
  2. Set a Welcome Title
    • This is seen by the Invite recipient and will appear as “[Your Name] has invited you to [Welcome Title]”
  3. Set a Personal Message
    • This is seen by the Invite recipient underneath the Welcome Title
  4. Set an Invitation Image
  5. Click Next


Under Add Content

  1. Add Recommended Content
    • This can be Programs or Collections
      • Multiple pieces of content can be configured to an Invitation
  2. Add a Group Space
    • You can configure this to a Group Space that already exists, or create a new Group Space specific to this Invitation
  3. Add To-Do List items
    • This will add a To-Do their list, and start a Growth Relationship with each person who accepts the Invitation
  4. Add Connected Champion
    • This will auto-connect people to that Champion
  5. Add Connected Users
    • This will auto-connect people to that person
  6. Click Next


Under Additional Info...

  1. Configure the Landing page
    • This can either be the app’s Home page, or a specific piece of content configured to the Invitation
  2. Configure which app to prompt recipients to download and use
    • This is typically Gloo, unless your Champion has a specific White Label
  3. Click Next


Under Invite…

  1. Select who you want the Invitation to be sent from
    • This can either be the Champion itself, or a specific Champion member
  2. Add people to the Invitation
    • If a user already has an account, search for their name in the search bar
    • If a user does not have an account, type their email address into the search bar
  3. Customize the Invitation Link
    • To edit the link, click the Pencil icon, found within the Invitation Code text box
    • Then, type in the new code and click Save
  4. Click Send


How do Advanced Invitations relate to Cohorts?

When a Champion creates an Advanced Invitation, a cohort is automatically created with the same name as the Invitation. When a user accepts an Invitation, they are automatically added to that cohort. Users do not see cohorts they're a part of.


Training Pro-Tips

You can edit existing Advanced Invitations by clicking the Edit button next to the Invitation. Please note, any changes you make are not retroactive, and will only apply to users who use the Advanced Invitation after the changes are made.

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