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Manage Cohorts & Connections

Note: this is a Champion feature. If you are not a member of a Champion, this will not be a feature available to you. Find out more about non-Champion features here!



Manage Cohorts & Connections

Cohorts serve as an easy way to manage a group of people at once. Cohorts are designed to send content to multiple people, who are often in a small group external to the Gloo platform, such as a Leadership team or a study group.


How do Advanced Invitations relate to Cohorts?

When a Champion creates an Advanced Invitation, a cohort is automatically created with the same name as the Invitation. When a user accepts an Invitation, they are automatically added to that cohort. However, users do not see cohorts they're a part of.


Assign content to an entire Cohort

Web only

  1. Follow the steps to access Cohorts
  2. Find the Cohort you want to assign content
  3. Click the dropdown arrow next to the More Info button
  4. Click Assign Content
  5. Search and select the content
  6. Click Assign


Track the progress of a Cohort

Web only

  1. Follow the steps to access Cohorts
  2. Find the Cohort whose progress you want to view
  3. Click More Info
    • (If applicable) Locate the user you want to view
    • (If applicable) Click Manage


Training Pro-Tip

Users have no indication that they are a member of any Cohort. It is strictly a management tool for Champions.

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