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Manage Invitations

Note: this is a Champion feature. If you are not a member of a Champion, this will not be a feature available to you. Find out more about non-Champion features here!



Track and Manage Invitations

Once you send Invitations, you can check in behind the scenes to see who accepted your Invitation, as well as edit the invite code.


Tracking Invitations

Web only

  1. Navigate to the Admin tab
  2. Under the Champion Management subtab, click Invitations
  3. Open the Invitation detail page by clicking on the Invitation title, found in blue text
  4. From there, you can:
    • View who accepted the Invitation
    • Who has yet to accept the Invitation
    • Copy the Invitation link
    • Edit the Invitation code


Training Pro-Tip

If you edit a Invitation Code, the old Invitation Code will be obsolete. Editing the Invitation Code will not affect users who used the old code prior to the edit. Users who are invited after the Invitation Code is edited can only access the Invitation through the new Code.

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