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Advanced Invitation Creation

Note: this is a Champion feature. If you are not a member of a Champion, this will not be a feature available to you. Find out more about non-Champion features here!


Create an Advanced Invitation

  1. Log in to
  2. Switch to a Champion perspective
  3. From the top navigation, click Admin
  4. Click the Invitations tab
  5. Click the Create an Invitation button
  6. Configure your Invitation
    • Set a Name for the Invitation — This is only seen by you
    • Set a Welcome Title — This is seen by the Invite recipient and will appear as:
      •  [Your Name] has invited you to [Welcome Title]
    • Set a Personal Message — This is seen by the Invite recipient underneath the Welcome Title
    • Set an Invitation Image
    • Add Content
    • Add Space (optional)
    • Add To-Do List Items (optional)
    • Add Connected Champions (optional)
    • Add Connected Users (optional)
    • Configure the Landing page
    • Configure the Native App to prompt recipients to download/use
    • Add People to Invite by:
      • Searching for people you know already have accounts and clicking the name(s) to add them
      • Or, by typing in the email address of someone who doesn't yet have an account to invite them
  7. Click Send


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